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30th March 2015 - Sydney based corporate video production company, Shakespeare Media launched their new website Monday 30th March, after 4 months in the making.

The site was designed with visual stimulation and user friendliness in mind. Several designers from Shakespeare Media worked on the project including Stacey Charlton who led the creative team and Jackie Lynn who worked on the marketing side.

Stacey said the inspiration for the design came from a variety of sources including the fashion industry; she explains some of the thought that went into it.

“What I like about the fashion industry, is when they present their garments either online or on the run-way they often use neutral colours and simple designs for the backdrop, the space is more or less empty. I believe this is the best way to present a portfolio of any type whether that be fashion or video production, the same principals apply. If the design is to chaotic the viewer will lose interest.”

Jackie wanted the site to reflect Shakespeare Media’s brand values, which she feels they did perfectly.

“We took our time with the design and layout as we wanted to create something that reflected the company’s brand values, and anyone who works in design can appreciate that producing something with impact takes time and a lot of thought.”

Jackie also mentioned, the website which features a new blog page is set to connect clients to Shakespeare Media's production processes.

“When researching our target market we found that our clients are interested in the video production process. So we will not just take them ‘behind’ the scenes but ‘before’ and ‘after’ the scenes too. It’s important they understand the different stages of video and film production because it is an incredibly involved process.”

Shakespeare Media which specialises in creating a range of video and television content including corporate videos, web videos and TV commercials hopes the new website is reflective of their overall ability to create meaningful work. Their aim was to design a site that would suit their clients' tastes, which is on the higher end of design and branding-minimalistic and stylish. They look forward to their clients' feedback regarding the new site.

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