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ABOUT The Company

Shakespeare Media is a full-service video production company based in Sydney, serving national and international brands, businesses and agencies. Our creative team of producers, directors and production staff specialise in producing corporate videos, TV commercials, web videos and multi-camera event coverage. From concept development, to filming and post-production, we craft content that informs, persuades and ultimately motivates your audience to action.  

Our team shares more than 17 years production experience, predominantly in broadcast television, and has created content for multiple industry sectors including government, education, consumer goods and services, technology, finance, law, healthcare, and communication.

With excellence in customer service, an ability to meet tight deadlines, streamlined production procedures and a passion for blending business and the arts, let Shakespeare Media be your preferred production choice in Australia or abroad.

About the Directors

Alexander Nilsen and Gina Shakespeare are the company directors at Shakespeare Media. Together they have worked in more than 15 cities spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. As a creative team, Alexander and Gina have received two awards from New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD - the world's largest independent Chinese television network) for excellence in writing, cinematography and video editing.

Realising their potential as a creative team, they embarked on a setting up Shakespeare Media in 2011 specialising in the field of corporate videos and TV commercials. Both artists are passionate about the storytelling aspect of film and television and how it can enhance, educate and change peoples' lives.


Alexander’s passion for the television industry began in 2006 whilst employed at NTD as a freelance camera operator, editor and studio manager, working full-time on the station's flagship 30-minute English news show NTD World News. In 2010, he moved into producing for New York based production company Journey West Media.


Gina began her television career in New York City in 2005, working for NTD as a news director, program producer, anchor and journalist. Gina gained invaluable experience in the broadcast television industry and took up posts in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and London. In 2011, she made the creative transition into  directing promotional videos and TV commercials. 


Project management
Creative development
Scripting in multiple language
Location scouting
Camera operators
Steadi-cam operators
Voice artists/actors
Art direction
Video editing
Sound editing
Color correction
Motion graphics and animation
Visual effects
Sound and music designers
Green screen and stage facilities
Still photography