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Video content for promoting brands in the old days took the form of a television commercial, affectionately known as the ‘TVC’. The likes of Coca Cola, Lucky Strike and Chrysler utilized this format and it worked a treat. It aired nationally and the whole family watched the ‘box’ over supper.

With the arrival of the Internet the game changed and platforms like YouTube and Vimeo made it possible for smaller brands to create affordable video content and distribute it to the world. No longer limited to the TVC or in need of a television network to air it on, many formats sprang up including vlogs, case-study videos and product demo videos to name a few.

Videos along with photos, blog posts, info-graphics and slideshows are some of the key qualifiers for ranking higher in Google. Google loves video! It’s also a favoured format among the Internet community. According to Syndacast by 2017, a staggering 74% of all Internet traffic will be video. So don’t get left behind as the rules of the game change.

Now is the time to start planning your long-term video production campaign. The question is, where to start? First, find a video production company you like the look of. In other words check out their portfolio and who they’ve worked with. Once you’re happy, have your marketing manager and the producers of the video production company plan a long term strategy and be consistent in creating content so your audience grows. 

No.1 - Your Unique Brand Story

The most important video to have is a brand video. Customers today have access to a smorgasbord of online video content and the worst type is the ‘hard sell’ type, it’s so old-fashioned. People are looking for authentic online video experiences that increase the quality of their lives and if you deliver the ‘hard sell’ type, they may feel you’re only after their money. What do I mean by authentic? Create a video that tells you or your brand’s unique story and be prepared to step away from discussing the benefits and features of your product or service. Questions like these are beneficial to cover:

·      What is your ultimate mission?

·      What defines you?

·      How do you make the world feel?

·      What hardships have you overcome to get where you are?

In other words be human and tell the story from your heart. A good video production company will guide you in this process and develop a strong story line. Try not to repeat what’s written in your marketing material! If you want to truly engage an audience then move away from stiff corporate jargon, which creates an unspoken barrier between you and your audience. Communicate with them on a human level. A short film that is touching will move an audience and encourage them to share it with others, just like the example I am about to share with you:

License Tony Anderson’s music on Musicbed: Tony Anderson is a successful Composer who’s welcoming an extra push outside of himself from an unlikely friend. Our time with Tony taught us to embrace interruptions and trash our stuffy/competitive/deadline driven perspectives. We hope his story helps you love the people around you a little more freely. Music used in this video: custom score by Tony Anderson & "Ameri Can I" by Young Collective License "Ameri Can I" by Young Collective:

This video from the Music Bed is well produced. First of all it’s original, I can’t say I’ve seem something like it before-have you? Second of all it’s unpredictable, you don’t know where the story is heading what so ever, it’s full of surprises! And third it makes us feel close to Tony, as he’s shown us his soft side, which is not only adorable but also very generous considering we are all strangers here! He’s taken the first step by initiating a meaningful conversation. As the viewer we aren’t going to turn away from that. We will not only remember Tony, but perhaps even buy his music! I would say this video achieved its objective. It also garnered attention on Vimeo (it was an official staff pick), which means its audience would have quadrupled and it’s also had plenty of likes and shares on social media. Well done to the Music Bed for creating meaningful content! Brands like Apple, Microsoft and Telstra are in favour of this indie style. Why? Because; it feels genuine and it connects us emotionally to the brand.

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No. 2 - The Customer Testimonial

Let me begin by sharing this quote from Mark Zuckerberg, I feel he sums it up nicely:

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”

I couldn’t agree more. Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful video marketing tools for turning leads into customers. In other words, it truly pushes people over the line. Have your happy customers talk about the benefits they received from using your product or service on camera and pop it on the front of your website under a ‘testimonial section’. For example if you are an SEO expert, have your client talk about how you got them onto the front page of Google within two months (if that’s true). Organize the video production crew to visit your customer’s home or workplace for the interview that makes it super convenient for them. Video testimonials are affordable and easy to produce, so have at least 5 on your website! It will give potential buyers the confidence they need leading up to the purchase decision. Remove those knotty questions up front:

·      Is this a good product?

·      Is this business legitimate?

·      Is it safe to use my credit card on their site?

We’ve all experienced getting short-changed online, so reassure your potential customers that they are dealing with a transparent and dependable company.

Read more about perfecting your testimonials here:

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Example of a video testimonial produced by Shakespeare Media:

Bamboozle Testimonial by Mariane - Corporate Video Production Company Shakespeare Media

No. 3 - Educational Marketing Videos

If there’s one thing we seek as humans beings deep down inside, it’s an insatiable desire to learn more! Whether you’re rich or poor you will find a way to attain knowledge one way or another, either through self-education, a teacher or some sort of on-line program. Plus YouTube! Yes, don’t forget to post them on YouTube! Educational marketing videos (how-to) are hot for search engines and for solidifying your position as a market expert. What better way to sell your brand than to give them free information? We’ve all look up the net for those how-to videos. Have you looked up any of the following?

·      How to loose weight?

·      How to tie a tie?

·      How to rank well in Google?

If you are a health food guru teach people how to loose weight. If you own a Men's Fashion shop teach them how to tie a tie. It really is that simple. Whatever your industry, ensure you’re leading the way. Educate your potential customers thoroughly using educational videos, whether that is on a product, service or even an idea. Solidify your position as an industry expert and therefore the logical buying choice. 

Check out this example from Fully Raw Kristina, an American health food guru, who's YouTube channel and reputation has grown rapidly over the last several years from posting regular video content.

In conclusion a brand video is a must. Include a handful of testimonials from your target market. The amount of education videos that can be produced is more or less endless. These are the very basics of a video production campaign. Other options include product demo videos, event videos, company profiles and documentaries. I will cover docos in another blog! Thanks for reading.

Do you need a reliable and talented video production company to kick-start your online video campaign? Look no further you’ve found us! Shakespeare Media is a corporate video production company based in Sydney. Our creative team specialise in corporate videos, event videos, brand videos, testimonial videos and documentaries. Call Shakespeare Media today for a free consultation and quote. 

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