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Shakespeare Media was honoured to work with award winning producer/director Wenjing Ma on her latest program series ‘Legends Unfolding’ a production by New Tang Dynasty Television.

Following the success of documentary ‘Transcending Fear’ which tells the story of courageous Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, Wenjing quickly moved into shooting ‘Legends Unfolding’ in 2013.  

Shakespeare Media began working remotely with Wenjing and her New York based team on pre-production in December 2014 over the period of one month, followed by one week of production in Sydney, Australia.

The project took us into the back-blocks of Sydney’s western suburbs to film a re-enactment rifle assault with three Sydney based African actors. After several late nights (5am finish) and a few long days it was a wrap.

Our team assisted on the TV production with production management, account management, location scouting, story boarding, casting, hiring actors, production staff, equipment, props, transport, lodging and catering.  We look forward to posting the episode once complete. Here are a few stills in the mean time. Stay posted.

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