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The video and film production industry especially in Sydney is highly competitive. There are so many companies that if you search “video production Sydney” you can scroll through at least 10 pages of Google and still find plenty more! We aren’t the type to bag others and we agree there are many great ones to choose from. So I will cover here what differentiates Shakespeare Media from the competition; that way we get to know each other a little better.


· Competitive Production Rates

 We offer competitive video production rates. We charge what we are worth and are among the most affordable video production companies in Sydney. We aren’t a high end TV commercial production company where our average jobs are $50K and we certainly aren’t budget or low-end. We are middle of the range and that’s an honest analysis. The budgets we work with are usually between 3-15K for business videos, 1-20K for event filming and 5-25K for TV commercials. We believe we are best suited to shoot business and corporate promotional videos and TV commercials for medium to large businesses and brands. So if you’re in this category you’ve probably found your match.


· Ability to Meet Deadlines

We are movers and shakers and we promise to meet your deadline even if it involves late nights! Video production isn’t strictly 9-5 as such so once the video content is shot, our editor’s work in shifts around the clock to meet tight broadcast deadlines, product launches or what ever your circumstances are, at no extra cost. We haven’t missed a deadline to date and are strict with ourselves to maintain that level of service. Video editing is about speed, quality and attention to detail. We deliver all 3 outcomes for our clients. Plus, our staff have backgrounds in broadcast television news and programming and are used to delivering on time and to budget!


· Quality Content

Your reputation is our reputation. We do our utmost to ensure we produce video content to a high standard. Our clients gain new customers based on the quality of the video campaign just like we do. It’s a win-win! Clients choose us based on the quality of our portfolio so it’s only natural that we want to produce works to a high standard. We put a lot of heart and soul into our work to ensure our clients get the best return on investment. Our video production process and work methods are based around putting our clients needs before ourselves.


· Presentation Standards

Presentation matters, unless you’re Peter Jackson of course. Peter Jackson loves to roam around the set in an old checked shirt, baggy pants with a cup of tea in tow. You know, I really admire his down to earth style. Maybe it’s because he’s a Kiwi? And Kiwis are a really relaxed, friendly, lovely, wonderful bunch of people! Seriously, we don’t take fashion cues from Peter, nor do we plan to.  As a video production company we’ve set strict standards for all our staff. We arrive on location on time and well dressed every time! If you’ve hired freelance video production staff in the past you may have had an experience with a sloppy dressed, unkempt fella turning up late with his camera and audio gear looking like a screaming mess. It happens all the time. If we are shooting a high-end corporate video you will find us immaculately presented. If the production is a little more relaxed say out in nature or in the city we will still dress smart causal. So you can feel confident about our team working with your clients and customers in any circumstance.  


· Education

Marketing managers are more in need than ever to make executive decisions when it comes to video production campaigns for their brand or business. As a point of difference we offer our clients education along the way and can answer more or less any questions whether they be marketing related or technical. Are you in need of materials on all things film and television? We have an endless source of educational content that we have collected over the years. You won’t be left in the dark at any stage of the video production process if you’re interested in learning more. Just ask!


· Staff culture

The diverse range of talent at Shakespeare Media share a very special creative environment that nurtures individual success and freedom. Such values allow us to produce outstanding results for our clients because we are doing things from our hearts. Our producers, directors, camera operators and editors work very closely right from day one, sharing the same open studio space. Our studio allows our staff to take a break when they need it and for the amount of time required to refresh their perspective. This doesn’t mean we are any less effective in terms of delivering on time, in the fact quite the opposite; the staff is actually more productive this way. The reason being - video production is a very involved and creative process. As any artist will testify; inspiration comes in chunks, it rarely comes in an endless stream. I can get writers block and it’s common among the team; sometimes our writers just turn off the computer and re-visit the script when the time is right. Our hours aren’t rigid; they are based on the needs of an individual artist and our client’s deadline. Our staff set high standards for themselves and are always bringing the very best to your project; they are not over worked, stressed out or tired. They are inspired, relaxed and consistently deliver as the work-life balance is in perfect harmony. It’s wonderful to be part of such an inspiring team! Thanks for reading!


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About: Shakespeare Media is Sydney’s favourite corporate video agency. Based in the CBD, they specialise in designing video production campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest brands and businesses. Their team also work globally with clients in Europe, North American and Asia. They take care of the entire video production process from concept development to filming and post-production. Their creative team are passionate about how film and television can enhance, educate and change people’s lives. Whether you’re in need of explainer videos, training videos, corporate videos, TV commercials, web and event videos or post-production services in Sydney or overseas please contact Shakespeare Media. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Shakespeare Media can assist your upcoming video production project please contact one of our producers. We are more than happy to discuss your brief and see how we can help. Contact