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Brand Videos

The most important video to have is a brand video. If you only produce one, make this it! Viewers today have access to a smorgasbord of online video content and the hard sell style is dated. People are looking for authentic online video experiences that enhance the quality of their lives and if you deliver a hard sell, they may feel you’re only after their money. What do I mean by authentic? Create a video that tells you or your brand’s unique story and be prepared to step away from discussing the benefits and features of your product or service. Questions like these are beneficial to cover:

  • What is you or your company’s ultimate mission?
  • What defines you or your company?
  • How do you or your company make the world feel?
  • What hardships have you or your company overcome to get where you are?

In other words, be human and tell the story from your heart. A good video production company will guide you in this process and develop a strong story line. Try not to repeat what’s written in your marketing material! If you want to truly engage an audience then move away from stiff sales jargon, which creates an unspoken barrier between you and your audience. Communicate with them on a human level. A short film that is touching will move an audience and encourage them to share it with others.


Brand videos are intricately designed to appeal to your target audience; meaning message, concept, theme, style and visual language are carefully crafted to ensure the maximum emotional effect and response.  

Shakespeare Media is a Sydney based video production company. Our creative team specialise in corporate videos, event videos, brand videos, and documentaries.

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"Working with Shakespeare Media is a dream. They totally got my brief, were so calm and accommodating, and at such short notice too.”

Amanda Brockett, Director, The Raw Food Kitchen

“We have had so much fantastic feedback about our 'brand' video... it's helped out leads and conversions already."  

Alisha Jade Dunsford, Creative Director, AJD Creative

"We are thrilled with the video Shakespeare Media produced for us. They made the process run very smoothly and made it an enjoyable experience. They thoroughly researched what would help convey my key message to potential new clients and captured great footage. Thank you for giving us such a professional result. We are proud  to recommend you to everyone we know."

Tania Niwa, Grand Master of Photography
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